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Exam Strategies

Exam Strategies to get the Best Performance?

- Spend 5 minutes reading your exam.

- Classify each Question in (E) Easy, (M) Medium, and (D) Difficult.

(E) Easy: If you know a fast solution.

(M) Medium: If you know a long solution.

(D) Difficult: If you don't know how to solve it.

- Be confident by solving first the easy questions and after the medium questions.

- Get self-confidence checking each solution.

In average, you only need 30 seconds to test a solution. Be creative.

- Don't waste too much time on a question even if you know how to solve it.

Instead, skip the question and put a circle around the problem number to work on it later.

- In average, the easy and medium questions take half of the exam time.

At this time, you already guarantee a minimum grade.

Now, you are much more confident and motivated to solve the difficult or skipped questions.

- Be patient, take your time, and try not to leave the exam early.

Use the reminder time to double check your solutions.

Instructor Patrick Chevalier